Anal sex is maybe the most desired sexual practice. It is a love or hate it kind of penetration. The first encounter with anal penetration is decisive; good experience will lead of wanting it more, bad experience can keep someone reluctant to anal sex forever. While men always seem to be open for anal woman have a more difficult time with accepting it. The penetration can be painful if not prepared correctly but if he knows what to do and she is well prepared anal sex can be exceptionally pleasurable. Women who enjoy being anally penetrated will often prefer to orgasm anally. Here are some good practices to have an enjoyable anal experience.


It is recommended to cleanse your bowel before indulging in to anal sex. This will not only prevent any mess happening but knowing that no mess will happen will help you relax. Although many couple skip the cleansing for a newbie it is important not having to worry about unwanted odors or stains. The enema is a quiet simple practice. Easy to do and benefits are many. A product I’d recommend would be this:


Very important that you are excited and want it badly! Foreplay is a must and the more excited you are the more likely you want to stick it in your ass as well. This is very relevant to man who have difficulties with anal as well. Some of us tend to use all we get during masturbation as well. I know when the heat is on and judgment drops few fingers slip in to the hoo hoo as well. Anything for a good orgasm, right?

Playing with a clitoris. Using a strong vibrator will not only lubricate but will open the gates to heaven. Try for example this:


Lube up! Make it as slippery as possible! Don’t just lick the anus also spit might not be enough. If you like rimming than go ahead but before inserting fingers or the penis in to the rectum, best is to use a lubricant meant for this purpose. It will make life easier for everyone! Looking for a good lubricant? Try this:


Stretch that hole! Now that we are clean excited and all lubed up we need to make sure that our anus is ready too. Try sticking in one finger, maybe two. If the fingers slip in easily we are ready for penetration. Anal sex can be difficult if he has a large penis. It can be difficult for him and her equally. Using a spreader or butt-plug can stretch the rectum enough so that insertion can be easier. Insertion is the most difficult moment anyway so why don’t you try wearing a butt-plug casually before intercourse?


Most important of all! Relax and feel that penis trusting in to your anus. If it hurts a little than, enjoy it and moan out loud. If it hurts a lot than probably you did not do the first 4 things right and you should stop and start over. Do not give up on anal sex. Once you get the taste of it you’ll love it for ever!

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